Irum Butt

When your life leads you to a thorny shrub

Be an imaginative and a creative hub

Consider your head and limbs as a great tool

That could shape any prickly path into a refreshing pool

If your head is shadowed by fear or anger

The path will prick you like a strangler

But if it is fueled by courage and hope

Your creativity will help you glide to cope



You focus on finding the strengths in you

They spot your weaknesses- many or few

If you take a step- always step ahead

They push you back from where you tread

If you ever dream- always dream high

To make you feel low- that’s all they try

If you want to love- love yourself too

Let them show enmity with you

Don’t ever be too serious in life

You don’t worry- they make you wise

If you want to trust- trust yourself

From them, the doubts about you will burst

You get busy grooming yourself

They keep the mirror for you on the shelf

You walk with your separate identity

They can walk with the crowd in serenity

In the world- you must make an impact

To clap at your success- is their only kind act



Irum Butt

Irum Butt

Irum is an M.Phil in English Linguistics. She also writes for the EFL Magazine.